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Customer Comments - See what our customers have to say about Yokwe Divers

Thank you for finding Majuro as a destination, organizing if for all our trips, developing good relations with the service providers and getting the best for us. Thank you for leading our group, organizing and suggesting non-dive activities and advising us on all aspects of the trip; from what souvenirs are good to previewing dive sites. And... for being the Julie that we love. (Majuro, 2002)
Unbelievable visibility, beautiful coral. Amazing sunsets from our balcony and dock (Majuro, 2002)
I looked up from 100ft and could see the clouds! (Majuro, 2002)
George & I enjoyed diving with you guys in a new and absolutely PERFECT spot TREMENDOUSLY! Jaluit was an amazing experience (Jaluit, 2002)
This was the best dive trip ever! The coral was absolutely incredible! What a wonderful trip. I want to go back! (Majuro, 2002)
A true paradise, couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people, a better destination, or better service! (Majuro, 2002)
A more competent and congenial crew would be hard to imagine! Thanks for all the care and effort you put into our mutual adventure. (Jaluit, 2002)
Underwater world is better than Disneyland (Majuro, 2002)
I wasn't a diver, I snorkeled and enjoyed every minute! (Majuro, 2002)
You guys are great! Janet & I enjoyed the three of you as the best, most relaxed dive boat crew we have ever experienced. And between the three of you, you knew all the questions asked. (Jaluit, 2002)
Thanks so much for all your hard work to get us to the very best dive sites! We had wonderful dives, each different and beautiful. Thanks for your professionalism, your kindness and your wisdom. (Jaluit, 2002)
Best diving I've done so far and great fishing! Saw many sharks for the first time! (Majuro, 2001)
Warm, friendly people. Everything was so well organized (Majuro, 2001)
I gotta tell ya. The best trip ever! I really felt like I took a hand full of my best friends and went on vacation. It was nice not to have that same old dive site with hundreds of people and a beat up old reef. My hats off to you for the best time.
Had a Blast this fall! Thank you so much!
Many thanks to all that you have done on this dive trip. I'll remember this as one of the best places in the world to dive (Nov, 2002)
You are definitely a first class operation. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Yokwe Divers Rock! Awesome diving and fishing! (Nov, 2002)
Unbelievable diving, exceptional crew. This was the best dive vacation! Thanks to all of you! (June, 2003)
The diving was much more than I expected. The warm water, the exceptional visibility, great shark action, beautiful table coral. I'll be back! Thanks for a great week!
My first dive ever, and one that I will never forget. My instruction was superb and I felt very comfortable. I can't believe the beauty to be found underwater. Is it all this good? I'm spoiled for life! I'll be back to finish my certification! Cheers! (July, 2003)
What a great Trip! Your extra efforts to make sure we had a never-forget experience are truly appreciated. Troy (Jaluit, 2003)
This may have been one of the best trips of my life. I especially appreciated the trip to Mejatto and the fishing trip at the end. Morris & Erica (Aug, 2003)
I've dove with many operators around the world and I can say from experience this is a class act operation. Thank you for the great dives, extra effort and for a truly unforgettable adventure. Samuel (Sept., 2003)
Loved the drift diving! The walls are just amazing. Really loved diving Arno and seeing Silver tips for the first time. Beach surface intervals were a blast. You guys really have your act together. Come visit us in Canada any time! (June, 2003)