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Diving Arno Atoll

With over 175 miles of outer reef, 133 islets that were once the peaks of a volcanic rim, and a population of around 2,000 people or less, Arno Atoll has been hailed as some of the finest scuba diving in the Marshall Islands.  Virgin diving and unbelievable visibility are just the beginning of the adventure waiting for the lucky diver who joins us at Arno Atoll.

Rodale's Scuba Diving mentioned Illian Point on Arno Atoll, as one of the top ten dives in Micronesia.  That's pretty touch competition when you are talking about the amazing wrecks of Bikini Atoll and Truk Lagoon and the deep, shark filled waters of Palau's Blue Corner. 

The people of Arno live a traditional life as they do on other outer islands. The island is dense with jungle and flowering trees. The turquoise blue lagoon is bordered by an immaculate white sandy beach and the pace of life is slow and easy.

Diving Arno Atoll can make you believe that you were the first person to dive into the crystal clear water and view the brilliant colors of the coral reef. You could imagine that you were looking through a magnifying glass when you see how everything seems larger than life. In fact, divers have reported seeing Silvertip reef sharks over 10 feet in length and sea turtles in excess of 250 pounds.

Dive sites on Arno are still being discovered and explored. Some locations that have been visited include Arno Point, Dynamite Pass, Nami, North Point, Langor, South Point, Ene Point and Dodo Pass.

It used to be thought that Arno was only available for diving in perfect weather conditions because the trip from Majuro to Arno was difficult in rough seas.  With the addition of the new liveaboard, the Oleanda, Arno is now within your grasp.

Here's what Troy had to say after a trip to Arno in June 2003 -

"Loved the drift diving! The walls are just amazing. Really loved diving Arno and seeing Silver tips for the first time. Beach surface intervals were a blast. You guys really have your act together. Come visit us in Canada any time! "